“If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form your desires, but if you’re truly fortunate, your healing will come in the form that you’ve not dreamed of,one that the universe has in mind specifically for you,”  Eric Pearl

Reconnective Healing is the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet, although it has always been here, it is finally accessible to us to advance our health, balance, and quality of life progress with infinite freedom and expanded consciousness.  It promotes our ability to heal ourselves and impact the lives of others. Recognized by today’s science as the Reconnective Healing frequencies,  these vibrational frequencies encompass the energy systems and benefits of all energy healing techniques, yet are accessible without complicated steps, procedures or rituals.

Offered in individual sessions, Reconnective Healing is not therapy or treatment. It is CHANGE. Each person’s healing will be unique, as each of us has our own independent perfection.

A practitioner moves his hands above the client’s body in a way that opens up the body to different types of frequencies. From there, the intelligence of the body is supposed to intercede — without the practitioner manipulating or touching the body. For example, someone coming in with a knee problem might not realize that the body’s intelligence might need to fix something else in the body or mind, which is only presenting itself with a knee issue. It’s a quick practice, with three sessions being the maximum recommended.

Following your sessions, take a look at your life and be the observer. Notice what has begun to shift. It may be on a physical level. It may be on a mental or emotional level. It may be that a relationship has become easier or a work challenge has disappeared, or, just in your vibrational interaction with others… you’ve become a catalyst, a new link to a situation with which they had been struggling. Again, you will receive what is most appropriate for YOU in your life and for those you interact with. Reconnective Healing is a source to wholeness. It is palpable. There is a vibrational shift happening in your very cells. Your DNA is changing. You begin to emit more coherent levels of light. Your life becomes one of flow and life progress.

The practice allows us to “step into our limitless potential,” said Dr. Eric Pearl, the movement’s founder and the author of “The Reconnection: Heal Yourself, Heal Others.” “People come in to have the experience of more fully embodying and embracing their lives.” Pearl explained that we need to let go of our belief that the body heals solely through chemicals produced by within the body, and instead embrace the idea that the body can heal through frequency, vibration, resonance, informational exchange and light.

The Reconnective Healing session is 60 minutes in duration and is done either in person in the center or by distant healing.  It is done separately from any other modalities.

It begins with the understanding that all the Great, the powerful and all the Joy that you can every experience, exists in this moment and can be accessed in this moment.  It is all here now!  We have come here with all we need.  We just need to re-discover it.  It is all here.  It not anywhere  out there.  It is all here (in you) All that we need.  Just open the doors and walk on through… (from „Solomon speaks“ by Eric Pearl und Frederic Ponzlov)