I believe that each person is on his/her individual journey into wholeness and I am just the guide who helps you become aware of this journey, it’s patterns, while opening some doors and giving impulses to your system so that your body’s self-healing mechanism and your conscious awareness become activated.

As I practice this medicine for almost 20 years now, I experience how gentle impulses can bring huge powerful changes.  So I have evolved my practice to gentler and subtler modalities…  I do not believe in the “no pain, no gain” philosophy, but the opposite… “constant dripping of water wears away the stone” – not by force but by gentle persistence / repetitive practice.

I believe that we are here to experience, remember and realize who we truly are- our true essence which is love.   Our pains, diseases, problems are all here to help us to experience this wholeness.  Our bodies are incredibly intelligent in helping us to heal, and to realize our wholeness.  We can choose to see them as our allies which serve us or as our enemies which we need to get rid of.  It is our choice, and when we can accept, love and integrate all parts of us – all our shadows, all our fears, all our hidden parts as well as our light and our strengths, the more health, vitality, joy of living  we can experience in our daily lives.   These ideas cannot just be thought of in the mind, it is in our bodies as well, and through the acupuncture and energy work, we are able to open the doors to wholeness, harmony of our energies and we can chose to walk through them anew.

Self-love and self-realization is at the core of healing.

I believe that we are all here to help each other in different ways, so our relationship will be a cooperative, mutual respect –based one.  I am not here to tell you what to do or order you to do this or that,  but I will give suggestions and recommendations from my point of view and experience.  In addition,  the more you take responsibility for your own health and take an active part in your wellness, the quicker and easier the process will most likely be, and yet simultaneously, I believe that all healing comes at its own perfect timing.