In Heart Circles we explore who we are, what moves us, what holds us back and closes us, and what allows us to open up, show up and be all of who we are in every day life.
In Circle we get to feel and hear others, open your heart with compassion, practice communicating your truth in ways that others can receive, and explore the energy of human interaction and group dynamics.
Everything in Circle reflects everyday living and brings it to your awareness so that you learn to accept what is, choose what serves you and transform what no longer serves you.
We come together in a Circle of several men and women and create a field of powerful healing energy through connecting to our own hearts using different methods such as Heart coherence technique from Heartmath and Heart IQ techniques based on Christian Pankhurst’s work to:

  • access more aliveness, freedom and joy
  • tap into your source of intuition and inner guidance
  • connect with your body, your energy and your emotions
  • get clear on what drives you and what you want
  • feel free to express more of who you are
  • hold loving non-judgemental space for yourself and others
  • let love in and build authentic connection with others

Heart Circles allows us to safely explore personal and collective emotional /energetic ranges through an amplified field of heart-centered energy and sacred space.

Our purpose is simply to feel vibrantly alive and connected!