Ancestral Clearing is about resolving the past at the deepest places inside of us.  Just as our DNA store information like our hair, eye colors and predispositions to illnesses, it can also store limiting experiences, traumas, fears, physical disorders and blockages from our life as well as our family lineage and beyond.  Most of these are not in our conscious awareness and releasing them is the key to getting our life back. Although there are many versions of ancestral clearing work, I have been blessed to have worked with and trained under John Newton.  He explains that “There are fragmented versions of us in our psyche and in our nervous system actually pulling the strings that affect our perception, decisions, and ultimately our lives, so this is really about revealing that and cleaning things up so we can move forward with more possibility and free will.”

Newton says a look back at our ancestral lineage can show stress and trauma from war, the Holocaust, slavery, displacement and daily injustices. We can even absorb stress from our mothers while still in the womb, as well as from childhood and later.

The process of clearing these limiting information stored in us can be done without any physical contact, by phone/skype or in person and no belief is necessary.  The only requirement is the willingness and the desire to be helped.

I use this technique as a complementary way to accelerate the healing process and it is quite amazing how quickly and easily it works!  This can also be booked as a sole treatment on request.

You can see a video of John Newton describing this technique and also receive a short experience of this work!