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As a child I would dig for hours in our back yard and in the woods where someone buried or dropped a whole lot of colorful ceramic tiles.  I wanted to become an archeologist – digging in the past and in the depths to discover a treasure, an ancient civilization, the mysteries.   Later as a teen, I thought I wanted to do physical therapy so that I can help a person through their transformational process from loss, pain and suffering to growth, healing and wholeness.  After discovering that it was the doctors of physical medicine who were mostly in charge of coordinating the patient care, I thought that that was what I wanted to do.  However, I was in medical school, I realized more and more how what I was learning and what my soul yearned for was not coherent.  We were learning to treat people as machines and fix the broken parts.  I was more interested in seeing the person in front of me as a whole person, listening to the patients’ stories, and through touch, words or a natural remedy help to transform the course of their process.   As I was applying for one of the hospitals I thought I wanted to do my family practice residency in, I was interviewed by a senior resident who asked my what my career dreams were – one crazy one and one realistic one.  I told him that my crazy one was to sail around the world helping others through healing and learning about their healing practices as well.  That didn’t sound crazy, he said… to which I answered, Yes, for me it is crazy since I get severely seasick after just an hour or two out in the sea.  OK.  Now for my realistic dream?  I blurted without even thinking, “I want to practice Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine” That was not the typical answer you expected to hear at a job interview for a medical residency position, but it just came out and it surprised us both.

That question arose as several life-changing experiences were happening around the same time.  My father was recently diagnosed with Colon cancer, my best friend just died of pancreatic cancer the year prior and I experienced a near-death experience in a car accident.  It felt like the universe was loudly telling me to wake up and to live my life from my heart.   So with my parents’ support,  I decided to study acupuncture and east Asian medicine in Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (now SIEAM) which resonated with my view of the our body as a microcosmos of the universe and how health is when all is in harmony and disease is when it is in disharmony.  There I learned about different Japanese styles of acupunctures as well, which totally resonated with me due to its fine, gentle, palpation-based nature.  After graduating, I met my swiss husband and landed in Luzern where I’ve been practicing for the past 17 years.  Here I have followed my heart and delved deeper into non-insertion styles of acupuncture, constitutional acupuncture and also many energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, Quick Pulse, quantum touch, Ancestral Clearing, Heart Intelligence and now most recently Reconnective healing.  I am realizing that I am coming full circle from my childhood – digging in the depths of the mystery in order to help others with their alchemical process of transforming lead into gold,  from pain& suffering into joy and wholeness.   More and more I find myself focusing more and more on the joy & wholeness… and bringing this energy into all.